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Internet of Things

It can bring myriads of possible opportunities for small as well as large businesses


The internet of things (IoT) has evolved from the convergence of wireless technologies while creating a network with physical objects such as buildings, vehicles, and other items, embedded withsoftware, sensors, electronics, and network connectivity. It uses a remote access across existing network infrastructure which can sense and control objects while providing direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems,resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefits. All these IoT Developed objects are easily allocatable, recognizable, and controllable over the Internet.


Some of the benefits or reasons behind going for an IoTdevelopment are lined as follows:

Saves time

IoT Development helps in improving lives as it gives the user full access to the applications, which saves time so that they can mindfully engage with the world. It helps individuals to monitor various tasks and enhance productivity while reducing the manual labor and cost throughout the year.

Easy Control

Earlier it was very difficult to control all the functions of the application manually, but now it has become easier to handle it with the help of IoT Development.Devices and machines talking to each other and notify users for required task and even execute them if it’s necessary to be happened.


Here at We Talk IT, we have experts to perform IoT Development where we have helped various industries to achieve their goals. One of the great examples of our work is “Connected Room Experience”, an application designed for the world’s most diversified casino-entertainment providers, commonly known as The Cromwell Caesars Entertainment who is one of the leading Restaurants in the hospitality industry. This application helps in meeting all the evolving needs of guests that is built on the Universal Windows 10 platform and the Microsoft Cloud. It facilitates the incorporation of existing hotel systems into a consolidated handheld device that offers guests with the convenience of in-room digital access to complimentary as well as paid services for proactive assistance. In addition, Microsoft has recently showcased the Connected Room experience at HITEC 2016 in New Orleans, June 20-23.

Tools We use

IoT Development can bring myriads of possible opportunities for small as well as large businesses. Here are a few tools through which we provide solutions for IoT Development,that line as follows:


IoT Solutions by We Talk IT for Specific Industries


Ware House Management, Asset Tracking, Device Management and Security, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management


Remote Health, Monitoring Patient’s Activities, Medication Compliance, Analytics and Reporting, Connecting Healthcare System to Cloud

Travel & Hospitality

Secure Payment, Mobility Solutions, Navigation, Locating Travelers and Luggages, Auto Rebooking


Customer Satisfaction, Track Menu, Secure Payment, Order Management, Food Stock Management

Shopping Malls

Track Offers & Discounts, Track Customer’s Activities, Product Tracking, Inventory Management, Asset Management