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Salesforce is something which is more than sales automation and customer relationship management. It offers enterprise collaboration, team performance management, customer care services, and many more.

At We Talk IT, we can help you with configuration, strategy, customisation, enterprise application integration, and identification of the best third-party apps, all according to your business needs.

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We Talk IT, with all its experience will help you get the most out of your Salesforce system. If your existing implementation is disturbed due to low adoption, poor data quality and duplicate data, we can help you fix that.


We have over 14 years of application development and management experience in the IT industry. Our deep knowledge base helps us to serve the complex layers of your versatile enterprise with uniquely qualified business solutions.


Our Salesforce certified consultants have complete knowledge of all the sales and marketing techniques. They can help you in improving sales effectiveness, increasing close rates, streamlining marketing and sales process, and offering guidance on best practices. Their approach and recommendations are highly customized that helps to transform your sales and marketing departments into smarter versions of themselves.


Salesforce is highly configurable and a lot of business requirements can be met through basic customisation process while using point and click configuration tools, which requires no programming. They can build sophisticated custom user interfaces or add complex business rules to your implementation. Standing with years of experience in mobile app development our team is able control the Touch platform to build custom enterprise apps that can be deployed on popular mobile platforms.


It is a major technical task to Import data from your system to Salesforce which involves understanding data semantics, cleaning and reworking data. Though, import tools are provided by Salesforce and third parties, but at times a custom tool is required to be built. Before you allow your users to start using Salesforce, the data must be validated as soon as it is imported. It is required to keep your data clean on an on-going basis. Here at WE Talk IT, we can assist you with profiling the extracted data, selecting the right migration tool, testing the data import as well as validating the migrated data.

Mobile Implementation

Our team is highly skilled for creating various customised mobile app solutions and implementing Salesforce mobile functionality. We can help you in configuring your Salesforce Mobile Console to develop the right data set for each group of mobile users, such as users in support, sales, management, etc. Our coupled experience in mobile app development and Salesforce expertise can provide you with the best mobile apps leveraging platforms.


Availability of web services APIs and connectors makes it very easy for Salesforce to integrate with other enterprise systems , like field operations, telephony systems support systems, and accounting systems. Our Salesforce team can help you select the right platform to build custom integration tools.

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